• Yellow-Green Glow Powder Pigment
  • Yellow-Green Glow Powder Pigment

Yellow-Green Glow Powder Pigment

Hunan Famous Glow Powder is a new type of long active rare earth pigment with non-toxic, non-radioactive, high brightness, long glowing time & long life. 

It is characterized on lightproof, heat-cold-proof and good durability, which can be used in a many extreme environments with a stable property between physical and chemical. We could supply different types and colors by your demands. After absorption of UV, lamp, sunlight or any other visible lights about 30 minutes, it is lightened by itself more than 12 hours, which is 30-50 times as much as the traditional luminous materials. The life is more than 20 years averagely. Thinking to the stable properties, it is the new one replacing the radioactive luminous materials.

Hunan Famous Glow powder pigment could be widely used in many luminous purposes and places,such as in paint, ink, printing, rubber, glass, clothes, building,military facilities,transport facilities, plastic products, etc.