1.What is the luminous/glow stone and gravel made from?

Luminous/glow stone & gravel is made from photoluminescent pigment and Inorganic materail.The glow product is very hard and can resist high temperature.

2.What is the size of luminous/glow stone and gravel?

Usually we can provide you 1mm-40mm, also it can be customized by your requirement.

3.is the applications about the uminous/glow stone and gravel?

Luminous/glow stone & gravel mainly used in paving for path decoration, safety sign, Beautify envirement and so an.

4.How long is the service time of the luminous/glow stone and gravel?

Luminous/glow stone & gravel has 15-20 years severce time.

5.What is the luminous/glow pebble & cobble made from?

Luminous/glow pebble & cobble is made from resin plastic and photoluminescent pigment.

6.How long is the service time of the pebble & cobble?

The service time is 8-10 years indoors.

7.What Applications are best for luminous/glow stone and pebble products?

Our glow stones and glow pebbles offer a beautiful decorative glow effect and superior function, which makes it suitable for many different applications.
* Crafts &Jewelry... Luminous/glow stones and glow pebbles are great for any type of crafts and can be glued, partially painted, placed in epoxy, used for plaster or concrete stepping stones, holiday decorations and ornaments, jewelry, hair ties, key chains... the possibilities are limited only by your imagination!
* Outdoor Directionals... Glow stones glow in the dark glow classic stones Smooth Stones, Cobble Stones, Tumbled Glass, High-Tumbled glass Pebbles, and craft Beads enhance safety by marking pathways in dark conditions on footpaths, gardens, terrazzo concrete, and driveways where there is no competing light source.
* Swimming Pools & Landscaping... Spread glow stones and cobbles around the swimming pool or embed them or the glass Pebbles and Chips into your swimming pool topcoat, cool decking, sidewalks, or driveways. Around the yard or in the pool, they will enhance the beauty of your outdoor spaces.
* Indoor Uses... Indoor uses abound for stone glow in the dark items inside the home as well. As a filler for your vase of fresh cut flowers, or sprinkled around your potted plants - live and artificial - they are sure to bring pleasure.
Embedded as a decorative element in your counter-tops backsplash, or in furniture, our glow in the dark glass and plastic products have a wow factor that cannot be achieved with any other product.
* Peace of Mind.. Try them in a child's or elderly parent's room to light a dark path to the bathroom, and you'll discover that they'll help you sleep better too!

8.Why is it a good idea to use glow in the dark products, and GLOW Stones products in particular?

* The luminescent material in our glow stone and others glow products is:
-highly efficient powder cultivated from the earth
-light-storing with long afterglow luminescent materials
-environmentally friendly
-very stable
* Bright - The brightness and duration of the luminescent material we use is more than 10 times than the traditional ZnS luminous material; and has a good water resistance compared to the common ordinary aluminate luminescent material.
* Efficient - With only 10-20 minutes of exposure to daylight or lamplight, the glow strone glow in the dark Stone can maintain its glow-in-the-dark qualities for about 10-12 hours.
* Eco-Friendly - The glow stone is non-radioactive, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It does not require electricity, and is not a one-time product because it lasts about 20 years.
* Safety - The phosphorescence given off by our glow in the dark plastic and glass products is not harmful, and provides safety of passage. Whether your mode of transportation is by vehicle or by foot let our glow stone/pebble illumination guide your way.

9.What is the photoluminescent/glow film & board made from?

It is made from plastic and and photoluminescent pigment.

10.What is the life time of this photoluminescent/glow film & board?

10-15 years life time.

11.Are these luminous/glow products safety?

Yes, they are very satety.

12.What is the difference between the bonded & bound system?

The Bonded system involves the process of applying the resin to the substrate dressing it with aggregate then once dry removing the excess aggregate. The finished surface has a natural textured finish and some excess aggregate will remain. The finished surface averages 3-5mm in depth using a 1-3mm aggregate. The Boundtex resin bound system involves the process of completely encapsulating the aggregate within the resin and is usually applied to between 15 - 18mm in depth. Resin bound gravel is water permeable and there is no loose stone.

14.Is either system porous/permeable?

Yes the resin bound system is porous, as is AquaPave water permeable paving.

15.Which is the right system for me?

Resin Bonded Surfaces Ltd is one of very few companies in the UK that can install both systems. Because of this we have no preference to which you chose meaning you'll receive completely unbiased advice. Different systems suit different projects and you will receive balanced advice and information about each systems so you can make an independent informed choice.

16.What are the benefits of a seal coat on a resin bonded gravel system?

A seal coat can be applied to the bonded system. This will improve stain resistance, make cleaning easier & reduce the amount of loose aggregate to a minimum.

17.How do I clean stains off?

You can apply engine degreaser then lightly scrub with a stiff brush before washing off.

18.Can I lay it myself?

If the area is larger than 50m2 we would recommend that you use our fully trianed installers, however DIY Kits are available for smaller projects.

19.Can resin bonded or resin bound aggregate be installed directly on to a compacted type 1 or
hard core base?

No both surfaces have to be applied to a structurally sound substrate.

20.Can the systems be jet washed?

Both systems can be jet washed using a jet washer of up30 120bar not closer than 6 inches to the surface.

21.Should there be an edge detail?

You should either have an edging already, or need one installed. This is so that the finish is neat and tidy, and the edges are protected by spalling.

22.I have loose gravel on my drive that moves all over the place can i bond it together with resin?

No, the aggregate required is specialised and must be dry, dust free and the correct size for the application.

23.What size area can be covered in a day?

Depending on the condition of the base, once prepared we can install up to 1000m2 a day of bonded aggregate using 10 installers and 300m2 a day of bound aggregate using 6 installers.

24.Will the systems fade in sunlight?

The resin bonded gravel system will retain its colour and the resin bound system non UV will show a slight yellowing but this is only used when it enhances the colour and the aggregate used. The resin bound UVR system will retain its colour even with white aggregate.

25.Photoluminescent (glow in the dark) Exit Signs - Safe Glow Exit Sign

The Safe Glow professional interiors photoluminescent exit signs are manufactured to provide the highest possible level of photoluminescent performance and are designed to maintain their upscale appearance (no yellowing of plastics, fading of print or diminished glow) for their full 25 year projected life. All Safe Glow photoluminescent exit signs are non-radioactive, non-electric, conserve energy and require no wiring, conduit or batteries.
Hand-cast photoluminescent background with industry-leading brightness and up to 145% more glow area than the traditional photoluminescent lettering approach
Proprietary blend of photoluminescent pigments that glow more than twice as bright as some of the competition at the same charge level. (view performance report)
Beveled polycarbonate front panel and matte frame over polished aluminum reflector deliver a rich and elegant look that complements upscale interiors
Designed to be used in both high and low-level mounting the polycarbonate front panel is 7 times more impact resistant than acrylic

26.What's the features about our photoluminescent (glow in the dark) EXIT Signs

Meets all current building codes for high or low-level installation
Non-radioactive and non-toxic
Uses no electricity or batteries
Charges using ambient light
Glows for more than 12 hours
No replacement parts or maintenance
Minimizes time required for annual testing
Average savings over LED exit signs is $50 per sign, per year
Easy installation
In new construction, eliminates wiring, conduit, circuit breakers, and minimizes contractor costs for
LEED points available